About OahuOahu Climate

As the third largest Hawaiian island, Oahu has a rich and varied landscape. Two majestic mountain ranges, the Waianae Mountains and the Koolau Mountains, create breathtaking scenery with peaks, valleys and bays. Geographically, Oahu is divided into six regions - Honolulu, East Oahu, Central, Leeward, North Shore, and Windward. The central regions and the eastern coastline enjoy a wetter climate, resulting in lush, green backdrops for dramatic rocks and ridges. On the northwestern coastline the climate is warmer and drier; steep valleys and near-vertical drops are interspersed with exposed, earth-colored peaks and carved outcroppings.

Around Oahu's 112 mile coastline, the Pacific Ocean lap up against stretches of sun kissed beaches. Balmy trade winds keep average air temperatures between 71 to 88F, and with average water temperatures hovering between 75 to 80F, it is comfortable to be outside all year round.